Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SPOILER ALERT! (a collection of opinions on movies from Shane Camfield and Raymond Johnston )

Rating Scale:
five snaps- brilliantly amazing, zero snaps- wreeeeetched

Paranormal Activity
R: wish their was more characters, but this was Totally bothered by the scariness.
S: SPOOKY. what the hell. i had chills up and down my spine. i was freaked out.
R: credible actors and i thought this was the real deal.. a copy that was sent to the cops.
S: it had that Blair Witch feel to it and that always makes me scared as hell. i love Horror!
R: finally- proof that sleeping with someone is just as scary as sleeping alone
S: and i can think of a few people that are MORE scary to sleep with than sleeping alone. lol.
R: this movie definitely 'brings the lube'!
S: four snaps, easy.
R: four and a extra half snaps for the after effects of the movie

House of the Devil
S: i loved it. its set in the 80s and the soundtrack RULES.
R: did a very good job keeping the timeframe of the movie in tact.
S: its not a real common situation.. hang out here and eat pizza for 400 dollars.
R: not a very memorable movie, i cant remember what happened to the female character
S: me either. but its called HOUSE OF THE DEVIL you cant go wrong.
R: i feel they did go wrong and lost my interest with only one death for an hour and a half.
S: I was spooked once again, maybe i just love being scared. who knows?
R: two snaps.. I’m generous like that
S: ill give it three and a half snaps, because devil is in the title and I’m lame.

Trick R Treat
S: hands down one of the best halloween movies ever made
R: the pumpkin kid is freakin awesome
S: he was trying to give me nightmares. he’s everywhere in that movie...
R: zombie children? just what the doctor ordered
S: and i dig anna paquin.
R: revenge....halloween...evil
S: bitches get stitches for not following the "halloween rules"
R: five snaps
S: five snaps

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